"5 realistic ways an ordinary person can become great."

The definition of "great" differs from individual to individual.
Your greatness may mismatch with other persons' greatness but that is absolutely ok and fair enough because each person on this planet is unique for itself.

It is the fulfillment of your dreams that make you great but the pathway for all the success and dreams depends on these 5 common steps.

     Who is a great person?

People have different versions of greatness which basically are the concepts that are"larger than life."

 These concepts of greatness are based upon their memory and imagination controlled by the prefrontal gyrus of the frontal lobe of the brain which has the ability to process information billion times than any other known computer.
The utmost quality required for a person to be extraordinary or so-called great is: TO BE REMEMBERED EVEN AFTER DEATH FOR HIS DEEDS

Your greatness should be expressed in your legacy. In simple words, how your 
purpose of life benefits humanity and hereafter looks up to u as an idol.


I. Your reason to be great shouldn't Be Vague.

  •  In order to be successful and great being optimistic and perseverant is an essential criterion.
  •  Make sure that you have a clear picture and a generous motive to achieve your goal. Having a concrete idea is the key to greatness. 
  • Do not be ignorant and selfish to the needs of others. 


II. Make a mind map to achieve your goal.

  • It is obvious that to accomplish your goal having a plan is important.
  • be aware of the material, resources, finances, skills, documentations, relations, and the process of achievement. 
  • A very known line from book Alcamist says " The whole universe  works to fulfill your dreams"
  • This is only possible if u r dedicated and map urself that ur dream conspires for u. 
  • Remember the law of attraction.
  • Being realistic in life is important: Understanding your feasibility is the "X" factor. It is possible that it may go short of requirements. But that's okay. Realize what is your range. Self reflect on your plans. Introspect your ideas.
  • Most importantly have faith in yourself.
  • You will cherish what you have reaped.



III. Distractions on your way.

Who knows better than you, that whatever you try to achieve, u get distracted. They are always an obstacle.

But remember at this point that you should never stop but can lower the speed of your progress, no issues.

"You can make compromises for your objective, but never compromise your objective."

Distractions are a force that attracts you and you'll never know when you divert your path. Most people breakdown at this stage.


IV.  Criteria for development shouldn't be comfort but growth. 

It is obvious that to pursue your desired dream, being passionate is required, and loving the process to achieve should be practiced  In doing so, do not lay on the lap of comfort, relaxing and making castles in the air. 

You need to make sure that there is required growth seen in your work. Your results should be seen. Remember that real comfort lies after you achieve your dream. So be alert and progressive in what you do.


V. After you achieve your goal share your success with the society


Remember when somebody you knew received a promotion, achieved something great, or got a better job? Do you remember what you felt at that moment? Happiness? Jealousy? Now recall your last achievement or accomplishment. How well did you feel about yourself?

By being courageous and selfless enough to embrace others’ success, we also get the benefit of greater satisfaction. We feel fulfilled instead of bitter. 
Share the good news with your own family and revel in the atmosphere of positivity.


 Let me know in the comments below what are your dreams and are you ready to work for it? 

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