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How would you feel if you thought your friend or your sibling, is your parent's favorite child, Or you suspect your partner had fallen in love with someone else your competitors are rude to you. Almost everyone has experienced a time where they have to face extreme jealously. Felling jealous may be harmless but can be a powerful emotion that can take complete control over you.

What is jealousy?

Jealousy is a deeply upsetting feeling that often arises in response to threats to a valued relationship. It is a platter of emotions - ranging from fear of loss and anxiety to anger, sadness, frustration and humiliation.
So, it's important to realize that jealously itself is a normal reaction and we shouldn't feel ashamed about it, its a wake-up call that there's danger forcing us to preserve a valued relationship but jealousy also arises in an imagined scenario and serves a non-real purpose, that's where problems start.

9 Signs of Jealous people around you:-


 Yes, people around you who are waiting to grab an opportunity always and try to knock you down from your success and achievements. They are found in all streams of life and are unavoidable. Whether in business, colleagues, friends, siblings, and sometimes your wellwishers. Whenever you get an accomplishment there are people who feel jealous and backbite and that's a sign of jealousy.

For Example: On your successful presentation in the office, you got many praises from your colleagues but there are people around you who would say that the presentation was an easy one. 
These kinds of people feel you are the reason that their image is drawn apart and feel as if they are failures, so they start passing comments on your success, wanting to affect you in some way, or the other ways to shadow your success.


WHAT TO DO: Do not give your attention to such people. It's clear that you had a goal, you worked hard for it and you accomplished. Be happy about it. Ignore the tormenting frequencies and shut down such people, let that not affect you in any way.


 Yes, jealousy and insecurity go hand in hand. Whoever is jealous of you lets you down because he starts feeling inferior to you.
Whenever you achieve your target, you don't feel great, unless the other person appreciates you. It means a lot to you as if this appreciation is the backbone of your result. Having this mindset eventually makes you dependent on their praises and comments to feel good.

How would you feel if you had a competitor who is much more secure and influential than you?

You might feel loneliness with a wave of raging anger.
People with jealousy take away the spotlight of your success to overpass you.
Such people don't have the guts to confront you or talk to you, so they start to backbite about your compliments and criticize, spreading rumors about you.
These people choose targets who can't defend them and that makes them feel better. They feel their image stabilizes by ruining your image and feel superior.


WHAT TO DO: You can't go to them and talk face to face. Since you weren't present in the situation to witness their backbites. You shouldn't fall at their level. The only thing that you can do is to show some kindness. Forgive them and move on. Then only they'll be blamed for criticizing you. Wait patiently for them to regret. So it's good if you let go of them.


When you try to give advice to someone and that person gets irritated or becomes angry. That's a  common sign generally seen in friends.
You don't give your advice or suggestion to strangers, that would mean that you are trying to show off in front of them. 
But to your friend who trusts who is there for you in every situation. without hesitation you give advice and if their mood swings and gets agitated that means your friend is jealous of you in some or the other ways.

Giving advice to your friends is a good practice and it's mutual in a relationship but due to some reasons if your friend gets upset then its a clearcut sign of jealousy. 
If you possess something great, they may misunderstand it and think as if you are trying to show off to them 

WHAT TO DO: You seriously cannot do anything about it. It's not in your hand. if he's neglecting your genuine advice then it's he who is at fault, not you. 


Jealous people have an intense passion to pull into pity, gross and unnecessary arguments. They do this because they don't like to lose and don't want to lose from you. They always look for mistakes in any kind of conversation. They eagerly wait for a sneaky opportunity for you to say something wrong or do a mistake that hurts them and then drags the situation until they feel, that are winning the fight. One of the common sighs to harbor jealousy.

WHAT TO DO: If you feel the person related to you gets into such unnecessary arguments, understand that they are jealous of you. Try to maintain a distance from them because you can't do anything about it. They are always hungry for that moment to pounce upon you and take the situation in their favor or misunderstand and drag the issue more.


When people start feeling jealous of you, they start to compete with you at every level. Have you thought, why do we compete or surpass you? Cause deep within, they have respect for you and want to go ahead of you. They feel happy in doing so is a key factor in jealousy. 
The only intention with which they do is to achieve that goal which is in your hands and wants you to feel bad about it.  These are mainly seen in offices, workplaces, probably people who demand promotion and increment in salary. 


The building of hatred for a longer time develops into jealousy. 
Suppose your friend comes to you and criticizes an actor the whole time. If he dislikes the actor so much then why is he/she thinking about it the whole day? Somewhere he likes that actor and wants to cover-up. 

This happens in life, people might be backbiting you because they don't like you but might admire you, want to become like you, and to cover that up might hate you. 

WHAT TO DO:  Such people are so negative and you need to deal with their negativity, to move on with them. Maintain a distance from them. Keep a positive attitude with all and show them kindness and forgive such people till they realize that what they doing is wrong and they should control their habits. 


Some times people start to offer you things, which you think you can achieve easily but then they take it away from you. I know that feels so bad. That shows someone is jealous of your future success. That portrays even if you don't have fruits of success, you definitely have the roots of success and other person knows that you have a strong foundation in order to get that possession that they knew you would eventually reach out to.

WHAT TO DO: If you have been undercut just forgive such people. That person has nothing to do with the person that you are about to become tomorrow. 

If someone in your life has undercut you do forgive them, use the pain in the tragedy in order to make your dreams into reality. To do this you need to know what kind of person you are and what kind of person you are dealing with.


It is a fake attitude that people share with those they are jealous of. and many times flattery comes in the form of compliments. 

For example- your friend compliments you for your new hair cut and you show off about it. They might use that against you in the future. Do not give things that value you to people who don't value you. You are way too intelligent to be flattered by fools. Flattery is cruelty and anyone who uses compliments in the form of weapons is not your friend. You have to know who these people are. If there are people in your life who are over complimenting and seem fake, they probably are jealous of you.


These kinds of people begin to copy your style, they begin to do the things that you are doing, exactly the same way without even changing anything. They love your personality and that attracts them to get praise and appreciation that you get. They know they lack that style and personality, so they copy you to get some comfort in society. They investigate everything that you are into and copy the tricks and methods that your life runs on.

They try to dress up exactly like you and steal your personality and beauty. 
They compete with you but would fail the race because they might not work hard as you do and are not original as you.  

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