How to Trick your Brain to like doing Hard Things !

Do you ever catch yourself spending hours on end playing video games or browsing social media like Instagram or watching YouTube videos? I was watching an episode on Netflix sounds more intriguing than reading in a book for 30 minutes. Well, in that case, don't worry I've been in the exact same spot as you the majority of my life as an adult I've had extremely high expectations about what I want to achieve and what I want to do with my life but I for some reason had a very hard time to consistently take actions towards my goals and I always wondered why is it like this? Why can't I do the things that I want to do? And why do we do the things that we like? 


But I know it's not beneficial to me like watching Netflix now if you can relate to what I'm talking about, Then you're at the exact person that needs to read this entire article to the end because in this article I will share Exactly how I trick my brain into liking hard things like studying, reading, Exercising or taking actions towards whatever my goals were.

 You will get the knowledge necessary to start doing hard but beneficial things. I think you heard this term before, "Knowledge is power". Well, I disagree, Knowledge is not power," Knowledge is potential power". So when taking action on it becomes power.

 So keep that in mind while reading this article, since it will do nothing for you unless you apply what I say, to your own life. I remember playing computer games every day when I came home from school. I would procrastinate on my homework until the last minute. This would keep going on for a very long time until I was older and thought back on how stupid was I, all that time I spent on video games. I could have been using on reading Self-improvement books and getting smarter yet even after realizing this I still kept playing every night. I would go to bed and feel like a total failure. I was like, why couldn't I just get started with reading, exercising, working on my goddamn blogs.

Now logically I knew that playing video games wasn't beneficial to me. But yet I kept playing for some reason, you have to understand that we as humans, do not act on logic but on emotion. So I think it's fair to say that video games are a bit easier to do than reading a book.

 Video games and social media releases massive amounts of Dopamine compared to reading and studying. They're Specifically designed to give you dopamine highs when playing or browsing. I had a gaming addiction and it made everything Else seem useless to me, even eating at some point. I would rather play video games or watch Netflix than go eat my breakfast or lunch. It got that bad actually To understand why games seem more appealing than studying, we have to take a look at what exactly is dopamine.


Dopamine is a neurotransmitter and plays several key roles in the brain and body. It is one of those chemicals that is responsible for transmitting signals between the nerve cells in the brain. These also called neurons. Dopamine is what makes you feel good and is able to give you pleasure, desire, and therefore motivation to do anything.

 How do you feel when you play a video game that is fun and competitive, you feel good and engaged right? The brain will release big amounts of dopamine while playing, telling your brain, this is a good behavior And that's the reason why you feel good when you're playing. 

To put things into perspective for you, I want you to try to be honest with yourself here for a second. Would you rather play a video game than reading or would you rather watch Netflix instead of going for a run or would you rather sleep instead of studying now? Do you know why you would rather do these easy things because it's a click of a button you can Instantaneously get a dopamine release by a click of a button?

 I mean Why would you even spend 30 minutes reading a book getting the same dopamine high when you could just click on a button? Now you're reading this article and getting dopamine now, you're playing a video game and it's getting dopamine from there. See it's so ridiculously easy to get a dopamine high nowadays. People want anything as fast as possible the faster the better.

 Instant gratification is literally ruining society, the minds, the ability to see what is beneficial to us is long gone. To realize this. if you want to print like doing hard things like reading or studying without much effort, see It takes a great deal of willpower to do certain things like reading or studying because it doesn't release as much Dopamine as playing video games and your brain will make up excuses why you could be playing video games instead of doing your homework, because of the simple fact that it releases more instant dopamine than if you were to study I know this might sound hopeless at first trying to read over gaming but here's how I trick my brain by doing a dopamine detox. 
Sometime back even video games weren't Satisfying my dopamine need and I remember that night clearly laying in my bed, thinking about what if I quit video games for good what would be happening, besides the obvious fact, I'll get more time on my hands But this isn't necessarily a good thing people tend to procrastinate.

 More often if they have more time and if they didn't have as much time see at this point I had post-it notes everywhere in my room with ideas things I wanted to do goals, but I kept procrastinating on them until I made the change you were about to learn I woke up the next day. I didn't snooze I made my bed and I ate a healthy breakfast. All these winds in the morning were about to snowball me into making this article to what it is today. I decided I wouldn't play video games that day at all or anything fun in general. So I ended up using all my time in the Sun outside doing nothing at all. Besides being with my mind and trust me I had so many urges to go back inside and just play video games or do anything fun for that matter. But I persisted, the next day I looked at one of my post-it notes. I just got cracking I worked for three to four hours straight with no breaks at all. I think this is what you call being in the flow state. I kept doing this for weeks, and I remember every night when I went to bed I just couldn't wait to sleep because I wanted to start working again as soon as possible.

 Now your story might be a bit different, but I'm a strong believer that removing instant gratification Triggers like gaming helps me get motivated to doing harder things like reading on a regular basis and starting to work on my Blogs. More often because writing articles was the thing that made me happy at the time and fulfilled I can just say that nothing beats fulfillment or a desire.

 So the way you want to do a proper dopamine detox because I didn't really do it the right way. But it still did work for me luckily. 

What you want to do is taking one or two days off and dedicate these days to the dopamine detox now.

  •  I believe if you do this for two days, you will have a higher impact to reset your dopamine receptors. Performing a dopamine detox is essentially doing nothing or rather experiencing the rare state being bored which is honestly saying is a rare and uncommon thing in today's society. Being bored is horrible. It's worse than if you had to read a book honestly, but it's necessary to stop your system of dopamine and reset your mind. So that it can realize that other things can provide dopamine as well.
  •  You can choose to either eat food or not but for the best results, I recommend doing water fast or keep the food you eat as clean as possible because especially sugar products releases big amounts of dopamine.
  •  Furthermore, you can't listen to music, use the internet or your phone, hang out with friends, watch videos or TV or even read books now. I know that reading books might seem a bit odd, but you have to remember that we are starving our system of dopamine and reading does release some dopamine.
  •  So basically you can't do anything fun or entertaining. You have to experience being bored for a longer period of time. What you can do is drink water, Meditate, write and reflect and walk around after doing the dopamine detox.
 You will have to trick your brain into being more motivated, to doing harder things because small amounts of dopamine are better than receiving No dopamine at all. Well, that's how your brain thinks about it. So it's critical to have planned out what it is that you want to do that is hard and requires a lot of willpower. Since otherwise there will be a high chance you go back to your old bad habits and what we really want is to create the habit of doing hard things. Since these are usually the things that will benefit you the most in the long run and will make progress for you to watch your goals and if you can successfully make this a habit, It will no longer seem hard to you. But it's just something you do because you like it and this is where you get your dopamine from. 


Now let's say this doesn't work out for you and You just can't quit playing video games like me or maybe your drug is Social media. Well, whatever the activity is that is providing a high dopamine reward for you, You can use that high dopamine reward to your advantage and still have it as a part of your life.

But you have to be very careful using this method because you can go back to your old habits very fast. Sometimes it's hard to read in a book for 30 minutes, but if you tell yourself that you can play video games after you're done reading you will have a higher chance of completing that task because you have something to look forward to.

 I used this method myself because when I performed a dopamine detox for the first time, I went full cold-turkey, and Honestly, it did work great for a period of time. But I eventually got a taste for gaming again and slowly but surely I'd lost interest in writing articles or at least lost my purpose. Though there were all the reasons why I had a break. This was definitely one of them fast forward to March 2019.

 I started playing video games then I remembered the dopamine detox method and I thought to myself. Why don't I try that one more time I performed the dopamine detox and while under it I made a detailed plan on how I could continue my writing. So now what I do is that I've made it a habit that I work on articles first before I play video games and when I'm done, I'm allowed to play this way. The reward is much higher to finish my work and I'm more motivated than ever before to complete the task. I hope you learned something useful in this blog and you can change your life for the better as well by doing a dopamine detox.

Thank you so much for reading.

 See you next time and remember To stay awesome You 😊

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