Is Your Mind Upset ?

Most of you there, reading this blog right now have a mind that is in a state of utter confusion. Isn't it? Your mind is upset. Nothing isn't really working right for you, at this present time. There is darkness within you, 24/7. You are looking out for your answers all around but you can't find the right one. 
All you have is a pity and a deep regret growing day by day. You feel your future is uncertain, especially in terms of your career, studies, and relationships. What should you do? 

The most vital thing that you need to understand is that by listening to people's advice or fetching answers on youtube, you get thoughts. If You are already upset and broken and you are pouring more thoughts onto that, it's like reigniting the fire. This may lead to further complexities and may misguide you heavily. 

First of all, you need to introspect and look deep in yourself and accept that whatever chaos is going within you is not you.  There is a hell lot of pity, fear, insecurities related to studies, or career inside you. All this stuff is just not you. This is just happening in you.

You are actually living in a busy world that you don't even realize that there is a part of you that is perceiving or absorbing all these vibrations.
Understand the concept very carefully.  
We hear speech with definite frequency, in the same way, thoughts run inside us with a certain frequency.

When there is fear, anxiety, pity, regret, you feel the presence of an uncontrolled power that is deviating you from your path without your control. 

But there is also a space within you that is unseen, even that is not within your limits or thoughts. We never pay attention to this empty space. 
The sole purpose of this space is to help you retrieve from all the chaos going on in the corporate busy world and give you peace to your mind. Peace is not readily found and is never easy. You need to earn it with efficiency and practice. 


I Don't think you are a person who believes in practice? It's absolutely fine, good to be true to yourself. 
Like the way, you need regular practice in cooking, academics, singing, writing, etc. 
So there is a way to navigate your mind to attain peace. 

Practice is not achieved in just viewing a motivational video, in that case, it is called an emergency. Do not treat it as a painkiller, but there is certain science hidden behind it. Schedule yourself to absorb spirituality and positivity while there are disturbances around you, I know you can't avoid, but realize that there is an empty space or a supernatural entity or God behind the background, who is the ultimate creator of the universe. Don't be desperate. 

There is a hell lot of chaos going on in mind. It's just that you are catching each instance or worried about the future or feeling pity. The future or change is never easy. It is decided by the actions we take today.

One of the main reasons that you feel depressed and remorse is that you never appreciate the small success each day.

 I being a novice in this blogging field, accept gratitude, and thank almighty that I have written one blog today. And I feel extremely happy that my views are helping at least one of you there. 

What you do is, you only think of the result, build castles in the air, whether to pass exams, get into such and such career or dream to achieve distant goals but unfortunately you never reach there.

Whoever you are today, is the result of your past actions or small activities that you have been doing until this time. You never would have thought about that. It's never late to realize and start away on foot.

If you don't start being conscious in whatever you do every day and ignore for that tiny little success. Then trust me, hand on my heart you are never going be happy after achieving anything in the future. You would always feel as if something is missing in life. So learn to be thankful for tiny little success from today itself.

This is actually a trick of the mind, which is not forcing you to take action. Its just the inability of mind that doesn't let our thoughts to be clear, a game is being played. 

It's true that you would fail a hundred times when you try to think about changing your thoughts, but embrace yourself for the number of times you tried to focus, be thankful for that effort. Efforts never go unnoticed and rewarded. Be consistent and have patience.   

Appreciate yourself for asking this question.
When you show gratitude for little success, life surely gives a little happiness the next day.
Positivity doesn't come in gush but comes in bits and pieces. 

So when your mind is disturbed, let the disturbance go on and that'll eventually fade away.


You know the ultimate rule of this universe that "things come, stay and they go away". So the same way the disturbance will. 

 Why doesn't it go? The reason is that you keep worrying about it, you stress yourself unnecessarily, so it doesn't leave your mind. Don't name it pity, don't name it a failure, don't name it a success. Just let it come and stay. 

You never know this disturbance has come to teach you lessons of life, make you experience life,so don't neglect it, and would fade soon.

Success has always been a by-product whether in terms of spirituality, career, academics or in relationships. Try new little things each day. Follow your routine. Bring regularity in whatever you do. Don't let your senses take command of your body and control you. This is what you are going through presently. When you attain a schedule for yourself, thoughts no longer control you, you start controlling them, letting your mind revive once again. 

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