In today's world of over-stimulation seemingly unlimited distractions and short attention spans, there are so many people who don't succeed, it's no wonder so many people never achieve anything significant, its no wonder so many people never reach their true potential.


If you want to achieve anything great you must shut out all distractions.

Successful people are "focused" people. Successful people can go into space where they shut out everything, where they lock in on the task in front of them. Lock in on their goals, lock in on their dream.


If it is important enough for you, you will shut out all distractions, shut the door, turn your phone off, turn off social media. Focus and get the job done.

A recent study pointed out that an average adult spends around 1 hour and 40 minutes every day on social media. That is nearly 12 hours per week, over 50 hours per month, 616 hours per year and that adds up to 128 days over a period of 5 years. 128 days wasted every 5 years.


Imagine if you use that time better. Just imagine if you place down wanted time to completely focused time, working on something you love. The person you'll be in 5 years' time will be very different depending on which path you choose to take today.

The majority of them that don't succeed, they are like a puppy with a bone, anytime a bone comes along: social media likes or comments, a text message, TV show, or an opportunity of another night out.

Any attention to meaningless distractions, they drop things important to them and take the bone.

They could be sitting on a million-dollar idea, something that could change their life completely but as soon as the bone comes they follow it, day in and day out. Meaningless distractions tear people away from the life they deserve.

 Meanwhile, they are left feeling empty inside because they have a weak soul with a pride that comes from self-growth: growth for shutting down the world and fulfilling their own dreams, growth from finding a way where there seemed to be no way, growth that comes when you go beyond the life you thought you were capable of. Every time when you choose something over your goal forms a bad habit. A habit that gets stronger eventually overpowers your goal, it defeats your dream.
Form a different habit, a habit of discipline. Discipline from shutting out from things that don't profit, a habit of going all in, a habit of integrity, when you say your goal matters to you show that it matters, make it a priority.

STEVE JOBS once said," People think focus means, the things that you need to focus on but that's not what it means at all. It means saying no to the other 100 ideas." You have to pick carefully, you should be able to shut out everything but most importantly you must do all that right now. Get it done with 100% of your presence and attention . Give it everything you have, your heart and your soul. I assure your best work will lead to the next best result.


Someone rightly said lack of direction not lack of time is the problem. We all have 24 hour days. How you spend that time will determine where you end up in life, that will determine will you live with pride or regret, if you will survive or thrive. 

Now is the time, lockin all the things you don't need, focus on the life you must have and then you can enjoy later.


So what have you decided?  Let me know in the comments below .



  1. Amazing content dear. Keep us posted with same.

    1. Thank you ! Sure will keep you posted

  2. Very motivating and thought provoking blog. Thanks for this article

    1. Thanks for the appreciation my friend !!!

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