What Is Motivation ? How To achieve It?


The Word motivation gets its origin from the word " motive ", which is a reason that compels or forces you to accomplish your goals.

Motivation is a behavior. It is such behavior that plans and excites the mind to execute any kind of work successfully.

 It is defined as "sustained energized behavior" as per the literature.

That brings us to question ourselves that, are we really getting motivated or addicted to hearing motivational talks by various speakers day in and day out and then doing nothing. Life still remains the same. No end result seen. In that case its an addiction.

So most of you have a primitive convention who thinks that hearing to the motivational speaker would help them solve their problems. 

 This is actually a very weak or a temporary method to get motivated. It is just listening to such talks that would suffice and fulfill your cognitive and intellectual needs.


Types of motivation according to the literature :

External Motivation: It is quite powerful. 

 For instance, just imagine you are into a job and your salary is tripled but the terms that are laid are, that you need to work extra hours and also train ur juniors. Now you might think about the workload that you'll be burdened or you need to reach home early for the family but your salary is getting 3x. You will kind of feel energized and would try to sustain this behavior to get the best out of it. 
This force is the external force.

Such motivation has a flaw: it doesn't arise from within and not necessarily you would enjoy the work, your routine might be disrupted, work stress, etc. 
Such motivation drives you to your goal to a certain extent. 

It's quite vital for you to remember that any kind of noticed deviation in your external motivation would finally destroy your whole foundation. Leading to an outbreak of behavior that is dangerous.
you should ensure that your mind gets an adequate supply of external motivation.

In reality to become great and a successful person especially for those who are the head of the administration,  principals running a school, college, or an organization where people are taking guidance should keep mechanism that drives external motivation.
But this isn't enough. 

Internal Motivation: it solemnly means that you wish to do a job because to want to do it. 

  You want to do it because that gives the genuine contentment of the heart. 
Reflecting some popular lines from a novel saying that " Why do you love me"? The response was." I love you cause I love you ".

The happiness that arises which forces you to accomplish your dreams is the internal motivation.

External motivation helps you achieve great landmarks or achievements but in order to achieve something great, it is the internal motivation that defines your success. Unless there is love and passion in your work it remains incomplete.

The above-mentioned motivations move in hand in hand together, and any efforts to withdraw anyone would be stupidity.

The theoretical framework of internal motivation by Abraham Moslow :

The theory is explained with the help of an illustrated triangle which is known as the "hierarchy of need". Using that he shows that there is no human who works without a need. There is always a hidden need.  

Understanding the concept of the hierarchy of need would very well clear concepts about motivation.

Abraham Moslow's theory of the hierarchy of need is a concept precisely defined by five sets of needs that depict a human social life and behavior. In his opinion, every individual walks through life by a series of 5 specific wants, though the time taken for, want to shift from one particular level to the other varies from person to person. 

These 5 wants taper from a broad base to join to a narrow apex forming a triangle with the needs placed in ascending order, starting from:-

1.Physiological needs             ( Placed first at the broad base )

2.Safety or Security needs     ( The rung next to the wide base )

3.Psychological needs             (The narrow crus of the triangle )

4.Esteem needs                        (Second last to the apex)

 5.Self-Actualisation needs     (The narrow crux of the triangle )


1. Physiological needs: Abraham says that these needs constitute the very existence of human life. These needs are our basic needs of food, clothing, shelter, and other such amenities and necessities which may be essential to our survival in the world we live in. Once he acquires this his expectation build-up. Moving to the next upper step

2. Safety needs: According to Abraham, after the basic needs are satisfied, the person's next priority is to have safety and security for him or for his family: in place of work, making his life a bit comfortable and others around him.

3. Physiological needs: Regarded as belonging needs, it is the preceding level in the need of hierarchy concept which involves the inclusion and wanting a feeling of belonging and acceptance among the people with the ones around them.

4. Esteem needs: In Maslow's concept of hierarchy this step signifies that a person dreams to acquire achievement and confidence and wants to be respected by everyone.

5. Self- Actualization needs: This is the final stage that occupies the apex of the triangle, this involves acceptance of facts, creativity, and mortality among other features.

Need 2 things to achieve external motivation:-

1. Be around influential people: It is an old saying that," a man is known by the company he keeps". The company you keep sharply defines who you are should consist of people who would shower information towards you. They should be higher to you in terms of Spiritual, emotional status, and help, and guide you in walks of life. Having a source to achieve dreams is vital for growth.


2. Look out for a Mentor: Mentor is actually a friend. A friend who would love you unconditionally. The most important quality of a good mentor is that he's not being judgemental about you. Mentor's main responsibility is to help you face challenges and keep you determined.


Like I said external motivation has a minimal of 10% share to reach success. But the 90% force that drives you to your goals it's internal motivation.

  Need 1 thing to achieve internal motivation:-

"Love what you do or do what you love."

You should have an inbuilt passion or craze to achieve something that drives you until the end.
That is the ultimate motivation or principle that'll never fade away.


Now I hope, the above blog gave you enough clarity about motivation and actions to attain it.

What is your motivation? Let me know in the comments below.

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