10 ways to Develop Effective Communication for Best personality.

What makes communication effective?

Effective communication is much more than just exchanging information between people. It's more about understanding the emotions, intentions, and context of the information being shared with you. It signifies how clearly you are able to convey a message and that requires adequate listening skills in a way that helps gain complete meaning of what's being said and makes other people feel heard and understood.

Communication should be natural, but often it is purposeful which seems rude. We speak only for the sake and sometimes this can be harmful, the other person might misunderstand, leading to conflicts, grudges, bad relations between folks, at school, and at workplaces.

For most of us, communicating more clearly and effectively requires learning some important skills. Whether you're trying to improve communication with your spouse, kids, boss, or co-workers, learning these skills can deepen your connections with other fellow members.

How to approach someone for better communication?

Communication with someone in this era looks so unreal, we aren't really into it. Whenever we speak to someone, we have our phones in hand, so you are distracted and don't give full attention to the conversation. You are losing your ability to be aware. We try to multitask but don't contribute the required attention respectively.

So here are some tips, that would build greater trust and respect, improving teamwork, problem-solving, and overall social and emotional health.

1. Don't Multitask

Multitasking is a faster way to get our work done but never multitask while having a conversation because it disrespects the other person. You definitely don't give your 100% attention to the conversation because you are distracted may be on your phone or television and would probably miss what the person is saying, seeming to be a bad sign of communication.

We might follow multitasking because it is there in our habits. Well, you can definitely change them and to do so you need to be in your eternal state of consciousness. 
Following this would transform your ineffective communication into an effective one.

2. Don't Pontificate 

To pontificate means to express your opinion in a pompous or dogmatic way. Avoid this.

For instance, a person approaches you to talk about his problems in life and you start to present your own explanation instead of listening to that person carefully. Often seen with parents, seniors in an organization, bosses, etc.
The person who pontificates seems and shuts the conversation with others because he's insensitive in not attending to other words. 
Showcasing this attitude is very bad. Always remember communication is a two-way mode of interaction where each of them is equally contributing to a fruitful understanding.

3. Be Interested in all 

Bill NYE  quoted " Everybody that you know, knows something that you don't know ".
If you apply this line in your life, probably you'll gain a ton of knowledge while you share knowledge.
 Every single person that you meet in your life has a contribution to make. Without these contributions your life is meaningless. To build a habit of respect your co-workers, colleagues, friends, servants, low-class people is very important.
 Never be rude or cruel to them. Each of them deserves to be equally respected irrespective of their class, color, sexuality, ethnicity. 
Its a saying in India "Atithi Devo Bhava ". Each person has God within him /her.

4. Ask open-ended questions 

Asking open-ended question would expand the conversation when someone has initiated it, rather than just terminating. When you add intriguing questions like What, How, When, Whom, Is it? This would make the communication sound interesting.  

Such questions help you to build rapport with the other person making a topic common to speak upon. Is crucial in building trust. 
So adding open-ended questions will help your communication become richer.

5. Don't have fixed topics to speak, be with the flow 

Try to  Avoid conversations that seem dull or boring. This happens because you usually preplan the conversation. Seen in the case of parents who have preplanned talks ready with them.

While talking diversify your talk, and importantly be with the flow. Like I said never terminate the conversation. 
Over a period of time, your communication would seem to result in a good bond where each of you would take out good informative stuff from it. 

6. Say "I don't know" when you don't know 

People have a habit, they will suggest you something or the other, whether nonsense or somewhat sensible but would surely speak out something. They don't feel shame in sharing the wrong information to you. Spreading wrong information is harmful. Rather than portraying a bad image or value,  in front of another person, it would be very wise to say," I DONT KNOW". There is no harm in saying so. Or you can say, I would check and let you know. 
By saying so, you are being trusted worthy in sharing legitimate information. So remember to say "I DONT KNOW" when you don't have an answer for a question.

7. Don't equate others experiences with yours 

A big mistake that you make while communicating is that you compare and try to match up our experiences with other person's experiences unnecessarily. A common mistake made by most of us.
Suppose a person comes to you saying he has been misled or cheated, your reaction at first would be that ..." yeah it happens", "has happened to me as well, so don't be sad".
 This is very wrong and you would never understand the situation the person is going through.

The moment you compare or equate someone's happiness, pain, trouble, or anything with your past, you are losing the communication. 

You sound like the situation is not new to you and prefer not to panic.

Whenever you are into conversations where you match up your experience with another person's conditions, you indirectly mean to stop the conversation.

In times like these, maintain silence and listen passively.

8. Don't repeat the same information again and again 

You know that it sounds awful and unpleasant when the same words are spoken again and again from the same person. 
For Eg: parents, boss and sometimes seniors.
Try to avoid this practice as it would put a wrong impression on you.

You cant share the same content in multiple places, it becomes shabby and may feel regret in undeserving situations.
If you said it once, it's over there, go for the next.
So be non-repetitive.

9. Don't beat around the bush, get to the point. 

While conversing, remove all unnecessary stuff, focus on content, don't try to share the details (day, time, situation, clothing, and all ).
In saying so, you actually forget the summary of what to tell. 

Focus on what the other person wants to know. and give relevant details related to it. if you don't know, leave it for Wikipedia or say I don't know, no harm in saying so.

10. Learn to listen carefully 

One of the most important skills, To listen carefully. 

The one who learns to listen becomes the most favorite amongst others. Such people prove to be approachable to other people who have trouble and problems in their life because they possess the capability to listen patiently without being judgemental.
You don't learn if you don't listen, and ultimately you don't grow.
 Listening is the secret of communication.
When you listen you are figuring out the frequency and tone with which to speak to the other person. 

Listening involves depth and while taking you seem superficial.
 So practice listening.

STEPHEN COVEY says: "Most of us listen not with the intent to understand "

Listening can take you in heights of meditation and understanding. 

The one who listens actually directs a dialogue, not the speaker. 
The speaker usually needs listeners to help to accomplish any work.
So, if you want to control the dialogue, use your ears more than the mouth.

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