Are you one of those persons who's feeling hopeless?  Nobody cares, nobody's interested in you. When you have no hope there's only a sense of dread within you.
Where is my hope? what am I living for? These are the questions that revolve around your head. 

 There are multitudes of people today, who do not have any hope. They don't have any hope about their marriage, they have no hope about their children, they have no hope about their health, about their finances, about their future, about their job, their profession. They have no hopes about life itself.

 So, where are you in life? You feel you are lost. It's dark dingy Dismal and there you are. It's like being in a swamp emotionally. There's nothing there, that is attractive to you, And so you've sort of given up. 

It doesn't make any difference who you are where you've been and how down you may feel. There are moments that try to affect the human soul, so violently and so perplexing that it feels like to throw up our hands and walk away.

 Discouragement can creep in secretly, hide behind clothes. Discouragement is so bold that it will even hide behind a smile and tell you life is not worth living. If you listen to discouragement, it will cause you to make bad decisions. It will cause you to think that life is not worth living. You will wonder if you're ever going to get out of what you're into. Don't make a permanent decision over a temporary circumstance. Don't allow a moment of agony to make you draw a conclusion about life prematurely because you are not alone in this time of despair. God has a way of making everything all right. We hear a lot about hope. We hear from politicians of course. We read it in books and we watch a lot of videos on YouTube but still, the whole world is crying now, somebody somewhere is in a great need of hope.

We all are trying to achieve something or the other in life and "to try" is very important. The one who tries has to even taste failures on his way. This failure is bitter to many and ultimately they lose confidence and try to give up. What to do at such a time?

Whether you believe it or not, your body isn't just a bulk of flesh, it contains an ocean of energy to which people give a name " soul ". I call it a divine part. Does this part help us when we feel depressed or when failed?

Whenever you want to try something new in life, that may be anything, there comes a time when you feel that it! its enough and you can't take it more, you get bored. Your mind says to take rest.

 Sleep would suffice to give rest to the physical body but how to give rest to the mind?

To get answers to these questions, you need to understand the imaginable parts of the mind. 

The Mind has 3 parts:

The Animal Part 
The Emotional Part 
The Thinking Part 

These 3 parts are instilled in us but each one of these showcases different qualities. 

The Animal part is the laziest part. It does the tasks which seem attractive and neglects the task which demands energy and time. 

The Emotional part works on emotions, if anything tries to tempt it, it excites and does the work accordingly but if threatened then it won't perform that job. When you get tired, the emotional part is responsible to make you feel that you can't do it.

The Thinking part (intelligence) is quite magical.
It can do anything, think anything, but is linked to animal and emotional parts. 

Thus, wherever our emotional and animal parts lead, the thinking part follows it.

The time you feel you can't do anything, follow the "Cookie Jar Effect".
So what you need to do?

Firstly make a list of all your accomplishments and incidences till today. You know that you have done something or the other good in life but forgotten. But surely done. 
Never ignore these achievements as these were the result of your hard work, dedication, suffering. It was all worth it. 
So just think about them and list them.

When you think and introspect, your thinking part overpowers and indirectly influences the emotional and animal part.   

This is the time you feel and realize that you had done things and would do that again.  You will think to do it. Now you start to track your future. You would probably not repeat those mistakes again and would take lessons from the old story.

This is definitely not easy but you need to have a mental practice without which all your efforts made till now go in vain. 

It's a secret to achieving anything and when applied in life can give fulfillment to the heart.
So do small tasks each day to achieve things.

The time you get upset, depressed, you need to understand that these are symptoms of your emotional and animal mind. The moment you realize that your soul connects to these 3 parts of the mind and they connectively work for performing a better future.

The path of hope begins by being fully assured that you're not hopeless but I'm telling you,  where the world is heading and no matter how your faith may be attacked by these vicious darts from the enemy. I know that God has a plan, an amazing plan, with all the challenges, with all difficulties, all the sufferings, only which will make you stronger each day if you don't breakdown. 


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