What is the purpose of your life ?


 The cause of your existence is to be happy.
 Everyone wishes to be blissful in life, desires to be positive, be extra innovative, and productive.

Everyone’s aim is to get rich and recognition in the society. But what do we do to get this higher state and its joy? .. Nothing. 

Do you understand that having blessed with a proper family, many friends, precise fitness, and economic safety are ample for a glad life, however, we spend their entire existence evaluating themselves with people?

 Instead of questioning your self as lucky, you emerge as over-ambitious and neglect to have an actual style of existence in that affair. 

Remember that existence comes once, so every time you set a goal, do your best to gain it truly. Try barring demanding about what will happen next. After you attain your goal, you will trip pleasure and enjoyment.

 Numerous people have a reliance on requesting about what's to come. By doing this, they limit the essentialness of the present. By doing this ceaselessly, they are encircled by ill-conceived notions and are tragic. In the event that you favor considering, at that point consider the extraordinary exercises of the past, that will give you joy. The future will be brilliant exclusively when you accomplish some intentional work in the present. Your future will be covered by methods for your work today.

  • The current is the present of life. The quicker you recognize this fact, the better. Whatever work you do, do it fortunately and efficiently. 
  • Be self-reliant and have trust in yourself. Sometimes do something specific from your routine. 
  • Try to go on vacation trips at least as soon as a year. 
  • Such matters will make you glad and you will get new power and existence will be rejuvenated. 
  • Donate some of your income for suitable work. 
  • Stay away from criticizing anyone.
  •  See fantastic traits in human beings and reward them. Try to make it a habit. This will make you calm and gracious. 

 Remove the ego from the inner you and domesticate humility and compassion, when you do this you will see that you will no longer get irritated and you will begin to get away from the poor emotions and all this will supply you internal peace and happiness.

 What else does a man choose greater than this? 

There are high points and low points throughout everyday life. However, these who do, not, at this point flip away from their issues and commitments. Face them to their maximum capacity, and do not, at this point quit attempting, it is these individuals who lead a real life. You should simply to trade the standpoint of dwelling your reality a bit. At that point you will see that one through one you are going up the stepping stool of accomplishment and you will get joy, attractive wellbeing, totally upbeat family and the entire parcel you have ever wanted from your life.

Why you should have a purpose in life?

We as a whole are destined to accomplish something incredible throughout everyday life. In any case, having not yet accomplished makes us steamed and troubled, so our inspiration begins to lessen. In any case, such is reality, old buddy. There will be difficulties, there'll be thistles on your way. 

You may feel you are simply hauling with your life, with an expansion in bitterness and weights, and you don't try to ask your self in this tumult that what's your motivation throughout everyday life, for what are you living? 

Beginning to feel the disappointment of achievement appears to be disagreeable and exceptional. Furthermore, nobody needs to feel such. You feel as though you are an unremarkable and an unusual sentiment of disappointment and ineffective. 

Life really encourages us by making us upset and indicates that the spot you are at present, isn't your fate. The best block for the accomplishment of predetermination is the point at which you don't "Believe ". 

Individuals won't believe in you until they don't believe themselves. 

If you wish people around to believe in you and that would rejuvenate you and make you feel happy and motivated, probably you are knocking on the wrong door.

"Conviction" is an instrument that will change u from a typical individual to a phenomenal or exceptional self. It can mix the potential for which you are conceived. 

The individual who doesn't have confidence in himself, who feels that his activity isn't unimaginable, accomplishes his work with disappointment and with no intrigue. Clearly, the result will be unsavory and fair and will tragically not get a decent reaction from society too. This person,s conviction that his activity isn't acceptable turns out to be more solid. 

Actually, the person who feels, that the activity he's doing is incredible, feels appreciative for that task. So does his conviction fortifies in light of the fact that he feels that he,s accomplishing something productive for society. Such individuals are fantastically idealistic and feel appreciative for their activity. 

So does his conviction sustain in light of the fact that he feels that you are achieving something beneficial for the overall population? This will at long last improve the idea of his work.

Ask yourself  that do you learn something from your work or just collect frustration?

In today's corporate world we see people with no love for their life and are just involved in a rat race.


What are you living for?

Your life will only have a purpose only if you work with passion, love and it's meaning.

 Try to invest in work that you would do to bring a good impact and changed the world.

Try getting at least some transformation by doing small activities consistently.

100years back the world was different, today it's different and 100 years from now into the future it will be different.

Believe that you will work to change this world.

Start by asking yourself, what might you do to get an adjustment in the life of the individual who needs you??

Don't expect to be motivated not to be supported to find joy and motivation in the work that you like to do.

Focus on the present task don't worry about the results put your little effort each and every day not thinking about the fruits of the future.

The human mindset needs to be like a kid, where there are no worries and tension 


 If you feel that there is a hidden potential within you then that feeling can come into reality by only being happy.

You've got a beautiful life why do you waste by thinking about your problems. 

The person who has a calm mind has the ability to look for positivity and opportunity in this world.

The one who is disturbed he'll easily get distracted even if asked to do the most important thing in his life.

A sad person will look for sadness everywhere he goes and a happy person will look for happiness even in prison.

The source of belief is within you if you want to find that source go beyond your thoughts.

Your thoughts lie to you when you are sad or upset you say that nothing in life is pleasurable but that is actually a lie.

Life is a creation of God. If this creation is unpleasant to you then probably you are being hypnotized by thoughts.

there are only a few till now who have been able to find the source of their potential.

Eg:  Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, Dr. Abdul Kalam,  Steve jobs, etc.

How did these people able to find the source and the purpose of their life ??

Do you don't have qualities, what these people have?


Take 2 minutes and ask yourself the question of what is the purpose of your life.

Respect and observe your thoughts and you will navigate your answer.


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