Spirituality vs Religion

 What is the difference between Spirituality and Religion?

 Spirituality and religion can be difficult to distinguish, yet there are some really characterized contrasts between the two. Religion is a particular arrangement of composed convictions and practices, typically shared by a network or gathering.

Spirituality is a greater amount of individual practice and has to do with having a feeling of harmony and reason. It additionally identifies with the way toward creating convictions around the importance of life and association with others.


One way that may assist you in understanding the connection between spirituality and religion is to envision a game of football. The guidelines, officials, different players and field markings help control you as you play the game likewise that religion may direct you to discover your Spirituality. 

Kicking the ball around a park, without playing on the field, can likewise give you satisfaction and fun and still expresses the essence of the game, similar to spirituality in life. People may identify as being any combination of religious and spiritual, but to be religious does not automatically make you spiritual or the other way around.


 Different Types of Spirituality?


Mystical Spirituality is based around a desire to move beyond the material world, beyond the senses, ego and even beyond time. This approach centres on personal relationships and a sense of unity with all things. 


Authoritarian Spirituality is an especially solid type of spirituality based around a requirement for definition and rules. This kind of spirituality is especially basic in explicit strict practices.


Intellectual spirituality centres around building information and comprehension of spirituality through examining the history and profound speculations. This methodology can be found in the investigation of religion, otherwise called philosophy.


Service spirituality is a typical type of spirituality in numerous strict beliefs. This is dominatingly worked around serving others as a type of spiritual expression.


Social spirituality is frequently drilled by individuals who experience a profound inclination in the organization of others. Social help is frequently observed as one of the significant parts of spirituality all in all.


 Why do people practice Spirituality?

Various people believe powerful nature to be an exceptional technique for searching for solace and concordance in their life. It can routinely be practised with things like yoga, which finally focus on pressure help and appearance of feeling. Spirituality is in like manner used as a strategy for expanding perspective, seeing that our capacity in life has a more essential impetus than precisely what we do every day. It can disengage a person from dependence on material things and set up a more significant explanation. A couple of individuals furthermore believe the power to be a strategy for adjusting to change or weakness.

Being SPIRITUAL AND RELIGIOUS - What is the difference?

Every religion has got two aspects to it:-

1. It's cultural setting, its traditional customs, rituals, practices and these come under religious aspect.

2. Other is its very life which is love for God, purification of mind, cultivation and application of ethical values. That is its spiritual aspect.

For example, to visit the Vatican city is being religious or visiting other holy places is to be religious.

But to practise Holiness for yourself is being spiritual. To recite prayers in the temple is being religious and to develop their full heart is being spiritual.


To wear tilak marks, rosary beads and neck beads etc is being religious.

But to decorate your inside with ornaments of good quality is being spiritual.

Religiosity will please society and will please your parents. But spirituality will please God, it will elevate you in this journey of self unfoldment.

We must at this point realise that ultimately these terms are very confusing to understand and highly replaceable in situations. Different words mean different things to different people.

Eg.if you look up to the dictionary it will show up various meanings of religion and one of them will probably be spiritual as well. And if you look up the dictionary for the words ritual, it will have many meanings and one of them may be religious as well. So meanings and usage of words keep changing.

However, in context with modern-day usage, the connotation that spirituality has acquired and connotation that religion has acquired has started becoming distant.

So like we said religion refers to the external form like customs, traditions the milieu, the rituals and whereas the internal thing- which is love for God, purification of the mind is now is referred to as spirituality.

No doubt that between these two: spirituality is of paramount importance, that is why all saints and prophets who came to this world they all reminded us that" You must be spiritual".

For example, when Jesus went to Jerusalem he chided the people there "you are religious but you are not spiritual."

While you say God God with your mouth your hearts are far away. You are following the lord in word but not in spirit.

For example, when prophet Muhammad went to the Kappa in Makkah he gave a message to the people over there- "you are worshipping 300 deities, which means you are religious but you are not spiritual you are not developing a love for Allah".

Thus, the goal of all religious traditions of the world is to make us truly spiritual and all the saints and the scriptures have inspired us in that direction.

The dozens and dozens of bhakti saints who came 500 years ago all over India and inspired masses of people on the path of devotion. The one singular message was "learn to love God"


The sage Tulsidas says in Ramcharitmanas "You can follow religious practice but without love and devotion, you will not attain God". So love aspect is spirituality and the external form is religion.

So our ultimate goal is spirituality and most important, but that doesn't mean we should decide or deny the ritualistic practice of the society.

Sometimes a younger generation becomes highly critical of rituals being done by their parents, they don't want to go to the temples they don't want to do prayers and the end up making a mockery of their parents and elder generation for their indulgence in religious practices.

These religious practices have great importance in society.

Culture is kept alive, tradition is kept alive and passed on from generation to generation because of these ritualistic practices.

If ritualistic practices were not there, the religious tradition would have died back in few decades and because of a number of percentage of people in society who are interested in spirituality is always small and rest they consider spirituality also an aspect but doesn't motivate them.

So for these masses, the religious traditions of the world have given tangible rituals that they easily could hold on to like praying at home and hands are important.

However, 80% of the Vedas propound religiosity.

Knowledge and devotion are propounded by only 20% of Vedas.

So these Vedas have got three sections:

  1. Karam section that comprises of 80000 Vedic Mantra.
  2. bhakti section that comprises of 16000 Vedic Mantra and
  3. Gyan section that comprises of 4000 or 4% of Vedic mantras.

So spirituality must be our goal but at some time we must have a healthy respect for religious practices as well.

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